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Lydia Sacred Song

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Lydia is a mantric musician & folk singer-songwriter with a distinct, soothing voice that touches the soul. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, bringing forth a “heart melting, healing experience...

“Music is medicine, and it is my intention to share the magic of these sacred songs and mantras with you as we melt into the sound, elevate our spirits and let our soul soar. So come journey within, deep into the source of your soul- self... and fall into the spaces in between!”

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“This musical offering pours forth from a beautiful soul… her magical spirit graces our ears and touches our hearts with celestial strains”

~ Sara Avtar Kaur, founder of Shakti Dance® International


“Lydia’s divine mantras touched the core of our hearts”

~ Sat Siri Singh, Minister for Sikh Dharma.


“Her sweet song has the ability to open the heart and bring us into a vibration of love”

~ Debbie Reynolds, healer & teacher



Stories & 
Love Songs


Join us for this special event at Emerson Lounge Cafe, to warm us into the Valentine vibe…

This will be a sumptuous evening of LOVE STORIES, POETRY AND SONG ~ with renowned Storyteller, Ashley Ramsden and myself, Lydia Sacred Song.


Sunday 11th February



Emerson Cafe, Forest Row, RH18 5JX



*Book at the cafe or call 07715455888

*Tickets are limited so please book soon!

New Single Out Now!


This song came through the day after Mary Magdalene's Feast Day in 2019 in Glastonbury, England. The evening before, during a ceremony in honour of Mary Magdalene, I received a powerful transmission... I perceived and had a strong felt sense of the Venus Rose in my heart. This remained with me for the 40 days proceeding, and during this time I experienced many visions, energetic upgrades and a deep healing. This song was an unfolding of that experience.

You can listen & download on Bandcamp 

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With crystal bowls, toning, koshi chimes, kalimba, tuning folks and more...




I offer devotional singing circles (kirtan), for yoga events, festivals and ceremonies