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Lydia Sacred Song

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Lydia is a mantric musician & folk singer-songwriter with a distinct, soothing voice that touches the soul. She weaves a rich tapestry of sound, carried by her acoustic guitar, bringing forth a “heart melting, healing experience...

“Music is medicine, and it is my intention to share the magic of these sacred songs and mantras with you as we melt into the sound, elevate our spirits and let our soul soar. So come journey within, deep into the source of your soul- self... and fall into the spaces in between!”

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“This musical offering pours forth from a beautiful soul… her magical spirit graces our ears and touches our hearts with celestial strains”

~ Sara Avtar Kaur, founder of Shakti Dance® International


“Lydia’s divine mantras touched the core of our hearts”

~ Sat Siri Singh, Minister for Sikh Dharma.


“Her sweet song has the ability to open the heart and bring us into a vibration of love”

~ Debbie Reynolds, healer & teacher



Ra Ma Da Sa
New Single Out Now!

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Ra Ma Da Sa, Sa Say So Hung is a sacred healing mantra. You can use this to pray for healing  for our friends, family, and ourselves. The mantra taps into the energies of the sun, moon, earth, and the Infinite Spirit to bring deep healing. You can choose to mentally visualize the person or persons that you are wanting to heal, as you send this energy to them for their well­-being.

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I'm looking forward to a summer of some exciting offerings! Highlights include...

🌹A beautiful pilgrimage in the Pyrenees following the sacred sites of Mary Magdalen 

🌹The Flame of Magdalene ~ a ceremony & concert in Avalon in honour of Magdalene Feast Day.

🌹And I’m delighted to be playing for a very special Grandmother prayer circle in Avalon, with Maestro,

Ivan Acuna Rodriguez - travelling here from Mexico in August (more info coming soon!).


With crystal bowls, toning, koshi chimes, kalimba, tuning folks and more...




I offer devotional singing circles (kirtan), for yoga events, festivals and ceremonies



I am a level 2 KRI trained Kundalini Yoga teacher and Shakti Dance® Facilitator.

I offer both 1-1 and group sessions, retreats and workshops.

Shakti Dance - a rich practice which blends beautiful flowing asanas with sacred sound / mantra. It is designed to raise consciousness and bring healing on all levels. 

Kundalini Yoga - a dynamic blend of postures, pranayam, mantra, and meditation, which teaches you the art of relaxation, self-healing and elevation.

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Past Events

Past Events